Egg White and Orange Peel Mask for Skin Tone


You must remember that citrus can sensitize the skin to sunlight, so reserve this mask of egg white and orange peel for the skin tone for night.

Treatments with natural ingredients have become one of the favorite options for care and renew the appearance of the skin.

Although the catalog of cosmetic products is very wide, thousands of women are choosing to use the old home solutions because they believe they are very effective and cheaper.

And, although they have lost fame, these masks have amazing properties to improve the appearance of the face without exposure to chemical creams and lotions commercial.

In fact, some are more effective because they have active ingredients that provide several benefits with the same recipe.

This is the case of facial treatment that we share below, which combines the properties of the egg white and orange peel to provide multiple effects.

In this space we reveal its main benefits and the steps that prepare at home.

Take note!

Benefits of egg white and orange peel for skin tone

The combination of egg white with orange peel gives us full of antioxidants results in a product that promotes skin repair to keep it young.

His significant contribution of protein and moisturizing substances increases collagen production for firming and skin toning.

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Benefits of Egg White

The egg contains a substance called lutein, which has the benefit of retaining the natural moisture of the skin while giving elasticity.

It provides vitamins A, B and D whose action reduces the effects of free radicals to prevent signs of aging .

As if that were not enough, it decreases the size of the pores and reduces the presence of blackheads, acne and other blemishes.

Benefits of Orange Peel

In recent years many people have noted that the orange peel is not a waste to throw them away.

That skin on more than one occasion we suberstimado is full of vitamins C and E, two powerful antioxidants to eradicate free radicals and oxidative damage.

Citric acid is involved in the production of collagen and regulates natural pH to control sebum production.

Also it contains calcium, a mineral that when applied assists cell activity to maintain good skin quality.

It has an exfoliant and astringent which is useful for reducing blemishes , excess dead skin and acne comedones.

How to prepare a facial with egg white and orange peel?

This facial treatment of egg white and orange peel for skin tone is recommended for tired and sagging skin signs.

Its active ingredients the cool immediately and allow the oxygenation process is given without problems for a complete renovation.

It can be used as a method of skin detoxification , but also as an exfoliant and astringent natural.


  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon orange zest (10 g)
  • 1 clean cloth
  • ice water (required)


  • Dry places an orange peel in the sun and tritúrala with a grinder to a powder.
  • When ready, whisk the egg white and mix with the dust shell.
  • Make sure it is fully integrated and proceeds to apply.

Mode of application

  • Before you start it is important to clarify that this treatment is nocturnal .Should not be used during the day because the skin is a little sensitive to the sun.
  • With this in mind, it is necessary to clean the face to remove surface dirt and all traces of makeup.
  • Once clean, extending the product for all areas, except around the eyes and lips.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes and get a massage.
  • Moisten the skin with warm water and make circular motions with fingertips.
  • Then dip the cloth into the icy water and apply on the face.
  • Press a little and keep in contact with the skin for a minute.
  • Repeat this step three times and rinse.
  • Dry well and feel your face refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Use it once a week.

Most benefits of this treatment are achieved after several applications. However, it is worth incorporating it into the beauty routine to check that is very healthy for the skin.

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