55 Cheap Crafts To Make And Sell


Trying to figure out how you can generate some extra income by doing things you love? How about making some inexpensive DIYs you can craft at home to make and sell for extra cash? You don’t have to be an artist, seamstress or expert crafter to make some awesome DIY projects to sell to make money. People just love handmade things, and you will not have to be or pro or spend a lot on supplies to make these awesome craft projects. We pulled together some of our favorite creative ideas that fit just about any budget, all complete with step by step tutorials that show you exactly how to make them.

1. Adventure Notebook


2. Succulent Clay Vase



3. Bird House Key Hooks


4. Easy Rose Gold Foiled Pencil Cup


5. Monogrammed Clay Key Chains


6. Stamped Tribal Clutch


7. Cactus Pin Cushion


8. Star Garland Gift Wrap


9. Concrete Ring Cones



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