How to make money on Pinterest


Wouldn’t you love to make money on Pinterest without having a blog?

I have been trying to make money online for quite a while now. I started this blog in September of 2017 and hoped to be making a few hundred dollars a month within the first few months.

Finding the time to do everything that needed to be done proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated though!

I’m not one to give up, but I do like to see quick results.

While I continued blogging, I searched for other ways to make a passive income. Diversifying my income stream was always in my plan so I decided now was as good a time as any.

I searched the internet and read blog post after blog post until I was pretty sure I had found what I was looking for.


Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

I had never tried anything except using Pinterest to bring people to my blog posts that had affiliate links in them.  I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing from Michelle of Making Sense of Cents!  She consistently makes over $100,000 per month from her blog!  Who better to learn from?  Her course is amazing and you can check it out here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketinghelped me make sure I knew all of the rules that I needed to follow to pursue this method of earning income without any run-ins with the FTC!

Christina opened my eyes to the fact that you can use affiliate links directly on Pinterest with her free course, Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101.



I signed up immediately and hit the ground running!

I followed her recommendation and  signed up for Shopstyle Collective which is a pay per click affiliate network. Your pay per click rate typically starts out at .05 per click.

Simply create a pin using your affiliate link, pin it to your Pinterest account and wait for someone to click on it.  Every time they do you earn .05.  Your earnings are accelerated by the snowball effect that Pinterest creates.  Someone saves your pin then their follower clicks on it and the process keeps going.

Obviously, there is a little more work involved than that!  To be successful you need to create custom pins and designing them can be slightly overwhelming if you are new to that.  It doesn’t take long to catch on though.  Christina also offers a course called Creating Pins that Convert if you need a little guidance in this area!

Also, I do all of my designing while I catch up on Grey’s Anatomy so how hard can it really be?!?

This is not a get rich quick scheme (so don’t think it is or you will be disappointed)!  It has really surprised me how quickly my income grew though.  From November to December our income increased by 873% and from December to January it increased by 440% and just kept climbing!

This is an image of my income for each month from November to February.  You can see that November was pretty sad!  This is when you start thinking…I may just quit…but like I said, I don’t give up easily!  Thank goodness!  Look at February!

This is only my income from ShopStyle Collective.  In Christina’s course she teaches you about branching out to other affiliate networks.  I use Awin ALL THE TIME and make great money from it as well!  You can sign up for that here!  It costs $5.00 but they immediately apply it to your payout balance when your account is approved!  I also use Shareasale for additional income opportunities.


ShopStyle Collective
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I have never had an income source scale this quickly! 


Use Tailwind for Consistency!

I followed every lesson I learned in Christina’s course as well as using a couple of other tools.
One thing you will learn quickly is that consistency is key!  Pinterest loves to think that you are always on it.  It’s kind of egotistical that way!

Tailwind is a huge help with this.  I truly believe you have to have this to see the quick results that I had because I do not have all day to devote to pinning.

Click here for a free month of Tailwind!

Christina offers a free course called Tailwind Mastery that helps explain the best methods for scheduling pins as well as how to create pins inside of Tailwind to schedule.


Use Boardbooster for Looping!

Another tool I could not have done this without is Boardbooster.  The only feature that I use in Boardbooster is looping.  There are probably other beneficial aspects of it but I haven’t had time to learn them yet.  Honestly, I haven’t needed any other features yet!

Use this link to sign up for a free trial of Boardbooster!

It is important that your older pins get seen by your new followers. When more people see your pins it means there is more opportunity for them to be shared and clicked.  Your income depends on this!

When you pin consistently using Tailwind your Pinterest followers grow more quickly so looping allows all of your old pins to come to the top again.  It also has a de-duplication feature that removes the lowest performing pin of the two.


Pinteresting Strategies

Another thing that I believed helped me have success with this program so quickly was the ebook Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. She uses a manual pinning method and firmly believes in it. Before I signed up for Tailwind I used this strategy and I believe it really boosted my pins when I was first getting started.

I use Tailwind and Boardbooster now but if I have time to pin manually I still use Carly’s method.  Pinterest seems to know when you are using a scheduling tool and when you are actually on Pinterest pinning!  My income is better on days that I am actually on Pinterest pinning.  Coincidence…I think not!

Have you tried Pinterest affiliate marketing?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

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