How to Start a Successful Money Making Blog


The best decision I have made in college was starting a money making blog. This blog has given me countless opportunities!  My initial reason for starting a blog was to maintain a creative, yet challenging hobby while having a platform to help students. But, it soon became a fun and exciting way for me to help pay my college expenses!

So, let me guess. You are sitting there, reading this post and have been slowly thinking about creating a blog. Or maybe, you didn’t even know it was a viable option for you and are looking for a way to start making money on the side? Whatever the reason is, I am glad you found this post because I am going to tell you just how easy starting a money making blog is and why you should absolutely take the plunge!

Starting a Money Making Blog
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Reasons Why You Should be Starting a Money Making Blog:

There are countless reasons why people choose to begin a blog. Many begin blogging as a way to maintain a hobby or to reach out to others in similar situations. But why should YOU start a blog? Here’s why!

  1. Work for Yourself: When you blog, the only person you report to is yourself!
  2. Enjoy your Work: You can blog about literally anything!
  3. Get paid to Travel: Blogging is one of the best ways to get paid to travel, my most recent adventure was to the Grand Canyon!
  4. Control your Hours: Because you are your own boss, you can easily control when you work! This makes it easy to work around other school and work schedules.
  5. Beef up your resume: There are so many skills you will learn through your blogging adventure, not to mention starting a business which is an amazing way to show future employers you’re a great, independent and determined worker!
  6. Networking: Blogging is an amazing way to network with other bloggers, companies, and professionals!
  7. Make Money: Many people don’t realize just how much money bloggers make. When you put the time and work into it, you have the potential to make thousands a month!
  8. Work from ANYWHERE! Your couch, the Bahamas, the cafe down the road, your mom’s basement…

You get the picture. There are so many benefits to starting a money making blog. I won’t lie and say it is an easy task. Nor will I say it is a rich-quick scheme. But it is a fun, exciting, and beneficial way to make some extra cash!

Starting a Money Making Blog:

Have I convinced you yet? Well, if not, maybe I have at least sparked your interest? Great!

Now, I am not going to sit here and type out lies. Stating how much of an expert in blogging that I am, or I know exactly how you need to set up your blog… blah blah blah. I don’t know these things! But! I DO know how to give you this information. And not just give you the basics, I mean really give you valuable, insightful, legal-worthy information.

The good news? Starting a blog is incredibly simple once you know the basics. But, where do you start?

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