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Over 50? Dealing with hooded eyes and crepey skin? These videos will teach you how to adjust your makeup to enhance your eyes and correct any flaws.
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I looked in the mirror the other day and realized I have hooded eyes. As I’ve aged, gravity has pulled down the skin below my brow so that it seems like I no longer have eyelids. I could fork over the money for an upper blepharoplasty, but honestly, I’d rather spend my discretionary income on other things.

I have other problems I noticed while I was staring in the mirror examining my eyes. For starters, my eyelids are getting a crepey texture. And my eyelids have freckles now, thanks to a misspent youth in the sun, as well as dark patches that affect the color of any eye shadow I use.

What to do? Well, for starters, I need to adjust my makeup to my new reality. The routine I’ve developed over the years of putting on a swipe of brown eye shadow and some black eyeliner. Time to learn some new techniques.

I spent this weekend watching tons of makeup and skincare videos on YouTube to see what tips I could learn to help me feel a bit more confident in aging gracefully. Here are five of the best makeup videos I found for women over 50.

Makeup for Mature Hooded Eye by HotandFlashy

I watched this video multiple times. She covers everything an over-50-year-old woman needs to know: why women our age absolutely need to wear eyeshadow primer, the new technique you need to start using to put on your eye makeup, and how to place darker colors to create a crease.

How To Lift Droopy Eyes: The Ultimate Cat Eye by MakeupAndArtFreak

In general I find I prefer videos by women my own age, because I feel like they truly understand what I need and also partly because I subconsciously believe that following the makeup tips in a video will make me look exactly like the woman in the video and so I’m always crushed and disappointed when I try to copy the tips from a beautiful 25-year old woman. However, I made an exception for this video because of the amazing tips she shared for making sure your eye makeup lifts your eyes up. This is a pretty intense smoky eye look, but if you tone down the eyeliner, it’s still fine for daytime.

Smokey Eye Makeup for Mature Skin & Hooded Eyes | STEPHANIE LANGE

Another video from a young beauty vlogger but she’s using an appropriately older model and I love the makeup look she shows. I also appreciate the look of terror on her model during the early stages of the video. Her model is calm and happy by the end, though and deservedly so – she looks amazing.

Bronze Makeup Tutorial for Mature Eyes or anyone!! By uppiesbeads59

This is, hands down, my favorite video and my favorite beauty vlogger. I watched all 26 minutes with rapt attention and then I stood up and drove to Sephora to buy everything she mentioned. Tammy is amazingly beautiful and her videos are endearing and full of the necessary details for makeup newbies like me. I’ve watched several of  her videos; she’s always an informative delight.


I could just share more uppiesbeads59’s videos, but I really want to include this final video. The difference she shows between the right way to do your makeup when you have hooded eyes and the wrong way is stunning and all the more shocking to me because I was pretty much doing my eye makeup the wrong way. Now I’m informed!

I’m still practicing these new skills but I’m getting there. I’m a little horrified by my previous eyeshadow technique, which featured heavy liner. I’m slowly learning that, as I age, more is not always better.

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