VSOTY (Videogame Song of the Year)?


Until recently most games’ soundtracks have been instrumental. It is clear as water that there are trully superb videogame music since practically the beggining of the medium.

However, only in the last years, songs with lyrics made for VG are becoming more common. It is true that past games, especially Japanese games, have had lyrical songs for their videogames (Final Fantasy, MOTHER, Cowboy Bebop [tecnically]etc), but they were few and rarely noticed outside their own fandom.

Is until this year I think videogame lyrical songs have reached a high level of popularity, so I hope sooner than later, game awards will include an “Original Song” award for videogames. If there were such category, I’d say “Last Suprise” from “Persona 5” would be this year VSOTY. If I’d be able to choose from the past, I’m torn between “Pearls” from “Cowboy Bebop” and “Eight Melodies” from the MOTHER OST. What do you think?

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